Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Little Things

So I've been working on this a little at a time lately. Thought I'd post up some of the latest progress! Its looking more like something I can total visualize in the dash of my car! For a beginners project I think I've bit off quite a bit but things seem to be shaping up nicely. Still have some minor code to clean up... when I pause and restart it likes to jump back a track for a reason I've not yet figured out... Need to work on converting the seconds into a MM:SS format (also with the initial track time... having seconds with .XXX places is a bit dumb. Also, need to update the code so when the time slider is moved to scrub to a different track time it will update the remaining and elapsed time... haven't had time to set that up yet.

Timers Working... Kinda...


I took out the map portion of the previous app layout I was working on because switching from the main interface app over to the google or apple maps or which ever nav. app a person would want to use is really easy and does not effect the music playback.  Something I might however do is still add a Button to the main app screen to quick launch into maps just for ease of not having to find it in the main list of apps... 

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