Monday, September 3, 2012

iOS Serial Cable!

Still just reading and taking in all the information I've run across. Going to get back to working on this project now with this new knowledge. Also, found out that I have a iOS TTL Serial Cable on its way to me! This puts me a bit closer to having a working prototype to toy around with! Will probably not be anymore updates to the blog until I get some assembly code written for the picmicro and have the ipad communicating with it. I will def. post up a video after I've completed this task. 


This is the cable that will be the vital link from the iPad to the car. Plans are to slightly modify the cable from its current state to allow for also charging the iPad when its plugged in and for passing audio. After getting some sneak peak photos of the inside of this thing looks like a little solder work and some additional wires and I'll be all set in this department. 

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