Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Simple Life

So for the first go around while I'm still sharping the iOS programming skills I think I've found something that will be some what nice to look at and provide the essential controls. With the gestures enabled its really easy to switch between apple maps, pandora, and any other app that is open. Seems how I'll mostly listen to iPod music having those controls in this app will be handy along with a volume control that will be tied into the Alpine head unit currently installed in the car. Not to forget the most important part the ac controls! The will also be part of the app.

Screen Shot

That big empty place in the upper left hand side is the UIImage area for the album artwork. Might still add in an area to show the outside temperature which I think I'll get from an externally mounted temperature sensor wired up to the picmicro chip instead of via the web based on gps location like previous gui screen shots show.

Next task is linking up the controls for the music player again and setting up the links for the volume, and ac controls to talk with the microchip! Think things are moving along nicely!

Updated Screen Shot

Changed out some of the button text with symbols... still have some to go as you can see.. Also, opened up a song to show what it looks like with the title, artist, album, and artwork displayed! 

I'll put a video up on youtube either later tonight or sometime tomorrow! Let me know what you all think!

Sample video can be found on youtube @ iPad In Action

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