Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Gift Early...

So previously I was debating on if I should fork over the money to apple to become an iOS developer... This is no longer a debate! My wonderful wife made the decision very easy. So as you can guess I'm now a iOS developer member and I can start testing the code out on my iPad!!! Perhaps one of the best birthday gifts ever!

Short Clip of iPad interface IN CAR!

To do items

  • Link weather info information back up so it updates and test it out on the Ipad with my actual location
  • Finish Navigation portion of the app. Right now its just a map with my location... pretty boring I know
  • Revamp the ipod music page to something a bit more 21st century and get it all working with my current music library
Then for the fun part... pulling out the old assembly language part of the brain to get the iPad talking to the PicMicro to make things really interesting  (this part might take a while... haven't worked with the assembly code in about 3 years... hoping it all starts coming back though)

Yay for another day of progress and an awesome wife!!!

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