Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Its been a while...

So the last few days have not been too productive. I'm still a bit new to all the programming and the more complex things get the more I find myself reading! However, I made some small improvements to the navigation part of the app. I can now easily switch between the 3 view types without problems, I've also got it set up for category searches via a toolbar located at the bottom of the screen. Its all functioning about as far as I might take it. although it would make for a pretty sick app if it was all self contained.

Short Video

Still To Do's

Although I like the idea of doing color coordinated background to match the cars interior lighting I believe it will be better to set the UI up with the selection of 2 color schemes (one for day time and one for night) I figure I can make a switch in the setup page of the app to switch between an auto mode that will be time driven or manual. At night a super bright iPad might not be the best thing to have so with a second scheme it can be color matched and not nearly as bright. I think that will make driving with it much easier!

I've also been working on setting up the weather info on the main page of the app. I'm getting close but having some issues with the API call to wunderground and getting my information back and usable in my app. I'm getting close though so maybe late tonight or tomorrow I'll have that finished up.

I've been communicating with someone about the Redparks serial cable for iOS and I believe I'll be able to mod that cable a bit to get everything I'm going to need! Will be a bit of a tight fit though but all and all its the best thing I can find that will allow me to do all this without JailBreaking the iPad.

Probably still have a few weeks of tinkering with the GUI to get to a level of satisfaction before I'll move onto getting it closer for the install. Might have to see what kinda strings I can pull to get a redpark cable for my b-day!

Thats all for tonight!

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