Thursday, August 2, 2012

IPad Mount Rough Model

So many things to consider with this project... tonight worked out some modeling for the IPad Mount that will be contained in the dash. These are a bit rough and far from finished.

Back View

This shows a rough idea of the back where the main control panel will be that supports the audio/ climate control features. (all the factory wire harness will plug into this box.

Front View

A servo controled IPad dock/holder will allow for easy removal so its not left in the car.

Basic Exploded View

Just a random shot with the few pieces modeled up.


  1. Hi

    Do you know wich servo you going to use ?

  2. I'll most likely just use a standard RC servo as they are pretty compact, have good torque, and easily driven by a microchip. I have a few Futaba servos sitting around so probably go with one of them.