Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let there be Music!

So all weekend long and I've only seemed to complete one thing. I've got the Ipod page of the app able to link to my music library on the iPad to select songs, load them into a play list and play them... I'm not entirely satisfied with the way this part of the app works. I just wanted to make sure I could get it to work at a barebones level. Well after some brief tutorials, some light reading, more tutorials, more reading, and finally arriving at what I have I do feel partially accomplished...

Short Video of latest updates

Other items that I did this weekend include:

  • locating my pickit 2 programmer 
  • putting MPLabs on the mac.... (only to find out the pickit 2 is not supproted... brief waste of time) 

*although there is a workaround using the terminal window to write the code to the chip... I'm not that up to snuff with my mac to spend the time learning how to make this work...

  • located my old evaluation/debug board with a pic16f887 chip on it... 

Photo of Dev. board

Hopefully soon I'll start working on the iPad to picmicro connection!

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