Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brains of the Operation

Initial thoughts are the Ipad is going to communicate with a pic micro chip that will interface with the current car controls.

Chip Selection

2 x  40 pin 
PIC16F887 8 Bit Chip

Most likely to be used for this project as it has many input/output pins. 
Not sure exactly how many will be needed yet but will be putting together a wiring diagram in the coming days as time becomes available.  

3 x 28 pin
PIC16F767 8 Bit Chip

The electronics box for controlling the climate system will ideally leave all the factory wiring intact. The current plan to make this happen is to obtain a center control panel from a junkyard to harvest the plugs to allow for a simple plug in solution. 

Stay tuned for the progress…. this is not your typical weekend project…

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