Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Revamping the GUI

When I first started thinking about this I thought I would just create a simple app to control the climate functions and use the Ipad as an Ipad for music and maps.... Well that idea is out now and I'm going to try my best to incorporate everything I want into one app. Basically I'm going to turn the Ipad into a complete stand-alone headunit all powered by one app. I'm working on revamping the GUI to get set it up to have access to the climate control on the main page along with some standard audio controls. Branching off of the main page will be the more advanced controls for each audio input as well as a page dedicated to audio settings such graphical eq, balance, fade, ect... My plan is to keep the standard audio controls available at each page view so it is easily accessible.  Now if I only had 18 hours a day to devote to this... I'm getting excited about this! Also, ditched the landscape setup as my Forte doesn't seem to really have the room to support that without major modifications... so I guess I'll live with a portrait view :(

New Layout

Short Video

Teaser Install Pictures

Just had to get an idea of what this awesomeness will look like in the car! Must say I do like what I see! think I can probably do a bit better color matching of the red for the interior though. Overall I think this will make a nice home for the Ipad.

If you look at this let me know what you think...

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